Face Capacity 6000
Card Capacity 6000
Event Capacity 50,000

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Features ULtraFAce671T face recognition terminal is a kind of access control device integrated with fever screening function.
It can fast taking body temperature and upload abnormal temperature event to the center, which can be widely applied in multiple scenarios, such as enterprises, staons, dwellings, factories, schools, campus and so on.
7-inch LDC touch screen
2 MP wide-angle dual-lens
Adjusts supplement light brightness manually
Face recognition in dark environment
Face recognition distance 0.3 to 3m
Deep learning algorithm modes
6,000 face capacity and 50,000 event capacity
Multiple authentication modes
Face recognition duretion <0.2s/User; face recognition accuracy rate >99%
Imports card and user data to device via TCP/IP communication
Manage search and set device data after logging in the device locally


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