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Matrix intoduces COSEC VEGA FAXQ Aadhaar enabled employee bio metric time and attendance device for government organisations. It is a product with 3.5″ touch screen display and multiple connectivity options. It supports three type of credentials, Fingerprint, RFID Card and PIN. This Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Device Can Be Installed In Offices Or At Security Gates. This System Is Embedded Linux Based. It Supports Multiple Connectivity In The Same Device With Auto Fall Back. This System Supports Multi Lingual Language Like English, Hindi, Regional Language. The Language Is Selectable. This System Is Quick Responsive Which Reduces The Time Delay And Requirement Of Multiple Terminals For Simultaneous Attendance Marking..

Certification for Device and extractor software/SDK – STQC Certified
API/SDK – Linux
Integrated USB 2.0 and above Connector – Yes
UIDAI Certified Registered Device (Copy of the certificate to be furnished when demanded by buyer) – Yes

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Type Fingerprint Scanner Device for use with Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, POS Device etc.
Certification For Device And Extractor Software/SDK STQC Certified
Integrated USB 2.0 And Above Connector Yes
Connector Cable To Connect The Device To Micro USB & Standard USB Yes
UIDAI Certified Registered Device (Copy Of The Certificate To Be Furnished When Demanded By Buyer) Yes
Conformity To The “Terms And Conditions Of UIDAI Certified Registered Device” (URL : Http:// Yes
Warranty 1 Year


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