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Long Range Face Recognition System With Android Smart Device

Indoor Facial Recognition Station with Slim and Exquisite design and 7-inch Display and Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with Deep Learning built-in and Maximum 10,000 face templates capacity.

Fingerprint Capacity 10,000
Card Capacity 10,000
Face Capacity 10,000
Access Control Yes
User Capacity 10,000
Face Capacity 10,000
Fingerprint Capacity 10,000 (Optional)
RFID Capacity 10,000(Optional)
Total Log 10,00,000
LCD 7inch touch screen
CPU Quad-core A17 1.8GHz
Memory 2GB RAM/16 GB ROM
Camera 2MP dual lens
Communication TCP/IP, USB, RS485 for external reader
Access Door lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button and auxillary input
Audio Loudspeaker
Voltage 12V 3A
Humidity 10%~90%


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