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Analogue Video Door Phone

9″ VDP TS comes with 9 Inches Touch Screen LCD Screen also with Multiple Ringtones. In this two Door Cameras can be connected to the Monitor. 7″ VDP TS is 7″ TFT Multi function Touch Screen LCD Screen with Outdoor Camera. It has 1/3” Color Camera with IR for Night Vision. It having Waterproof Design. MV-7DP-TS-N 7″ TFT Multifunction Touch Screen LCD Screen with Outdoor Camera •  7 Inches Capaci-ve Touch Screen. •  Power consump-on 12 Vdc  / 1.5 Amp •  So? Touch Key to View Door Cameras •   Do not Disturb / Broadcast •  Built‐in Lock release switch on the Monitor •  Two Door Cameras can be connected to the Monitor •  Two CCTV Cameras can be connected to the Monitor •  Hands free Voice Communica-on •  Monitor Dimension : 186 X 127 X 15 (H X W X D) •  Flash Memory of 90 images. Inbuilt. •  Auto Answering Machine when no one at Home. •  Message Storage op-on for House mates. •  Mul-media Player with digital Photo Frame. •  1/3” Color Camera •  IR for Night Vision •  Surface Mount with angular bracket •  110 Degrees wide Angle Camera •  Opera-ng Temp ‐30 to +60 Degree Celsius •  Waterproof Design •  Tough Design with Aluminum Extruded Body •  Camera Dimension : 128 X 43 x 16 (H X W X D)

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